Digital Menu Boards and Electronic Menus

Picture of a digital menu board system with 4 displays

With EasyStart, digital menus are easy to design and update. You can:

  • Build digital menu boards with our easy-to-use hardware, software and templates
  • Schedule your menu selections, prices and specials to automatically change for each daypart (e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Create electronic menus with 2, 3 or 4 screens side-by-side (requires an EasyStart Pro multi-head model).
  • Replace your entire menuboard with LCD screens, or combine flat screen displays with traditional menu panels
  • Update your electronic menu board system on-site or remotely via your web browser. (If you need to control hundreds or even thousands of menu boards at once, you can upgrade to our FireCast Enterprise software.)
  • Change your digital menu board to capitalize on special events or weather conditions, e.g. offering a hot cocoa special after a surprise cold front rolls in
  • Broadcast emergency messaging to customers and staff
  • Show training and safety videos to your employees
  • Do all of this at an affordable price

While quick-service venues like restaurants and cafes have been among the early adopters, virtually any location that sells food or drinks is a good candidate for digital menus. This includes a wide range of food service environments like corporate cafeterias, university dining halls, mall food courts and movie theaters.

Digital menus aren't just for big chain restaurants, either. The EasyStart system is great for individual restaurants and franchise owners who just want a simple menu board, yet powerful enough for pro AV integrators and resellers who are designing more complex installations.

Choose your menu design from our built-in templates.

Add a clock, weather forecast, RSS feeds, and even live TV to your menu board. The EasyStart digital menu board software is flexible enough to handle all sorts of content.

Change the color, text size, and other attributes to match your brand. (Dual head configuration shown requires an EasyStart Pro multi-head model.)

Promote top-selling items and daily specials on your digital restaurant menu.

Rotate your screens for vertical/portrait mounting, and the digital menu templates automatically adjust to match.

Show nutritional information and calorie counts to help customers make smart food choices.

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