Internal Communications

With Digital Signage EasyStart, you'll be able to:

  • Communicate key information to employees and visitors from your corporate lobby and common areas
  • Provide visitors with wayfinding maps and meeting locations
  • Deliver welcome messages to important visitors and clients at the front desk
  • Keep employees informed about important announcements, such as changes in benefits
  • Show calendars of upcoming company events
  • Highlight corporate and individual accolades, such as the Employee of the Month
  • Provide recognition to employees on their birthday or anniversary
  • Broadcast training videos, safety procedures, and messages from management
  • Show real-time dashboards with call center and manufacturing stats
  • Display emergency alert messages
  • Extend your content to break rooms, cafeterias and other common areas
  • Do all of this at an affordable price

Digital signage screen for internal communications, created with EasyStart

This screen was created using the free templates we include with EasyStart. You could have a screen like this in a few short minutes after installing your system.

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