School and University Campuses

With Digital Signage EasyStart, you can:

  • Keep students, teachers, and visitors informed about school or college events
  • Provide wayfinding maps in the lobby and other high-traffic areas to assist new students, parents, and visitors
  • Show schedules and booking information for meeting rooms and shared classrooms
  • Deliver news broadcasts produced by students or third parties
  • Reinforce school policies and encourage good conduct
  • Display information on accolades and awards
  • Provide faculty training and safety videos
  • Show current weather, news and sports scores
  • Deliver emergency alerts and public safety information
  • Do all of this at an affordable price -- with a no-risk free trial
Digital signage screen for school and university campuses, created with EasyStart
This screen was created using the free templates we include with EasyStart. You could have a screen like this in a few short minutes after installing your system.

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