Hospitals and Clinics

Digital Signage EasyStart lets you:

  • Control the content that appears in your hospital, clinic, medical office, dental office, urgent care center, or other healthcare facility
  • Reach patients in the lobby or waiting area while communicating with doctors, nurses and staff in the break room
  • Promote value-added services and procedures
  • Display ads from partners and third-party advertisers
  • Show public health advisories and tips for staying healthy
  • Make patients and families feel at ease by educating them about the latest medicines, treatments, procedures and techniques
  • Reduce perceived waiting times by combining live TV with other engaging content
  • Let patients know who the doctor is seeing next, enabling them to be ready when their names are called
  • Create customized "barker channels" for patient rooms
  • Train your physicians and staff about new services and procedures
  • Deliver emergency event notices
  • Do all of this at an affordable price -- with a no-risk free trial
Example of a digital signage screen for hospitals and clinics
This screen was created using the free templates we include with EasyStart. You could have a screen like this in a few short minutes after installing your system.

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