Public Government Facilities

Use Digital Signage EasyStart to:

  • Maintain real-time communication with visitors and staff inside libraries, government offices, courthouses, town halls, community centers, and other public buildings
  • Communicate with staff inside restricted locations such as army bases and remote military installations
  • Provide wayfinding maps for visitors in the lobby
  • Show calendars and bulletin boards with upcoming events, important deadlines, changes in law, etc.
  • Display public service announcements
  • Broadcast live or pre-recorded town meetings, hearings, and other important sessions
  • Show pictures or videos of how tax dollars are being put to work to achieve community goals
  • Deliver training and safety information to employees and volunteers
  • Display emergency alerts and other time-sensitive messages
  • Do all of this at an affordable price -- with a no-risk free trial
Digital signage screen for public government facilities, created with EasyStart
This screen was created using the free templates we include with EasyStart. You could have a screen like this in a few short minutes after installing your system.

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