Looking for a simple digital signage system?

FireCast Digital Signage EasyStart is the affordable and easy-to-use solution for smaller projects, standalone display networks and digital menu boards.

Display with a 4 zone layout

If your project calls for just a few screens in a few locations, EasyStart can help you get started quickly and affordably:

Show videos, pictures, news updates, web pages, and live TV to your customers and employees

Create great-looking content with our built-in templates -- no graphics skills required

Update your content from a web browser -- perfect for time-sensitive messages and promotions

No monthly fees or recurring charges, and no expensive servers or authoring tools to buy

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Video: See EasyStart in action

Watch the intro video Watch the setup video

Create your digital sign in 5 easy steps

EasyStart makes it easy to combine TV, video, images and live information from the web to create a great-looking screen. Here's how it works:

1. Connect the FireCast EasyStart player to your flat-screen TV or display.

Player connected to a screen

2. Sign in to the player with your web browser, or log in directly using a keyboard and mouse.

Login box

3. Upload your video files, Flash animations, and images -- or create your content with our built-in templates.

Content and templates

4. Select a screen layout from our library. You can have one big area that fills the whole screen, or divide the screen into zones.

4 zone layout without any content

5. Use drag-and-drop tools to make playlists for each area on the screen. Your changes take effect immediately.

3 files in a playlist

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Ready-to-use templates are included

Don't have time to create your own content from scratch? EasyStart comes pre-loaded with customizable templates, background images and stock photos to quickly give your display a professional look and feel.

Sample templates

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Update your screen from anywhere

Need to update your content remotely, or manage several screens from the home office? EasyStart works with most wired and wireless networks, as well as many cellular modems. You can even view the screen remotely, which is great for making sure everything looks exactly how you want it to. And since EasyStart is based on a special version of Linux, your system will remain safe from viruses, spyware, and other bad things.

Remote access diagram

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